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NEED HELP FINDING A LOST HIKER - California, Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  • Posted on: 9 August 2013
  • By: Nate

The brother of a high-school friend of my wife's, is missing. He was on a camping/hiking trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Mammoth Lake area. He was separated from his friends when his car broke down, and never met back up with them as planned. The hunch is that he went on a hike on his own while waiting for his car repair.

He's been missing for almost a month. It doesn't look good.

Selling a Jeep...

  • Posted on: 7 April 2013
  • By: Nate

... Is sort of like putting a child up for adoption.. You want to find it the best home posible, you want it to have a god life, and you want it to live on...

Not that I've ever adopted, or put a child up for, adoption.. But I've owned my 1992 YJ Islander since 2001. That's 12 years if you're counting. In that time it's gone from a completely stock street Jeep, to an SOA crawler. It's gone from my daily driver, to my trail toy, and now it's gone from mine, to someone elses.

4.0L casting numbers.

  • Posted on: 29 March 2011
  • By: Nate

Some useful information i ran across while looking for ways to identify a 4.0L for DIYJ.

The casting number is cast into the head, and found on the drivers side.

The year ranges follow:

Year............Casting No
1987-90......53005535 (8933002665)     2686
1991-95......53008405                  7120
1996-98......53020569                  0630
1999-04......53010449                  0331

Old School...

  • Posted on: 1 July 2010
  • By: Nate

So this past weekend at Rausch Creek, Scott and I had a conversation...

Scott and I both drive our Jeep's to the trail, wheel, and drive them home. Scott still drives his daily. I would if I didn't have this nice fuel efficient commuter car. We're sitting at camp, looking around the parking lot, and we see all these tube chassis, far from legal buggies and then our inspectable, streetable, YJ's. Scott's explanation, in his usual comical form, "We old school!".

Fixing my parking brake.

  • Posted on: 21 June 2010
  • By: Nate

For the past 5 years or so, my parking brake has been dis-functional. Due to rear brake adjustment, and stretched cables.

When I did the SOA, i replaced all of the cables, well, all except the main cable running from the pedal to the T junction for the rear wheels. My rocker guard was in the way for that one, i'll re-visit that one later.